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TJ Front Coilover Shock Tower

Part Number Name   Price Quantity
WFO 5420-PR TJ Front Coilover Shock Tower - Short (8"), PAIR $220.00 Qty
WFO 5421-PR TJ Front Coilover Shock Tower - Medium (10"), PAIR $220.00 Qty
WFO 5422-PR TJ Front Coilover Shock Tower - Tall (12"), PAIR $220.00 Qty
WFO 5420-PR
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These TJ front Coilover shock towers are CNC Plasma cut out of of 1/4" plate steel.  We put a vertical break in the middle of them which allows for coilover clearance when the axle swings left to right.  This also gives you more welding area on top of the frame.  

The shock tabs are standard 1.5" wide with a 1/2" bolt hole

The Tall towers measure 12" high and lean 4.75" out

The Medium towers measure 10" high and lean 4.5" out

The Short towers measure 8" high and lean 4" out.

Sold in Pairs



WARNING: Welding Required!
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