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Roll Cage Speaker Can, 6.5" Speaker

Part Number Name   Price Quantity
WFO-SC-K One speaker can, UNWELDED $50.00 Qty
WFO-SC-KIT Pair of Speaker cans, UNWELDED $100.00 Qty
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These are the speaker cans you've been looking for.  It is a crime to go wheelin' without a little AC/DC playing. 

These speaker can kits are steel which allows them to be welded to almost any roll cage.  They come as an unwelded kit. 

Simply slip the face and back into the can and weld them.  If you weld them from the inside, they really look good.  They  measure 3" in depth, 7" in circumference, and will house a 6.5" speaker.  These are great add-ons to a roll cage. 




WARNING: These do NOT come welded!
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