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Reid, Ford Super Duty '05-'12 1/2 Highsteer Knuckle

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D60002FL Left, driver’s side $389.00 Qty
D60002FR Right, passenger’s side $389.99 Qty
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Reid Racing’s high-steer Ford Super Duty (2005-2012 ½ F250 & F350) steering knuckles are designed as heavy-duty stock-replacement knuckles that provide additional options for installing aftermarket steering linkage. The primary improvements over the OEM knuckles include a flat-top pad for a bolt-on steering arm, dual steering stops, and increased overall strength. The additional steering options allow this axle to be more easily installed into other vehicles while ensuring proper steering geometry.

  • Uses OEM 2005-2012½ Super Duty ball joints, unit bearing, caliper, rotor, lockout hub, stub shaft, and U-joint. Ford changed the brakes on 2012½ and later SuperDuties so newer trucks must use Reid Racing D60003F Knuckles.

  • Flat-top pad measures 4.5 inches higher than the cast-in steering arm’s top surface, and aftermarket steering arms of various heights can accommodate a wide range of suspension lifts.

  • Easy bolt-on installation with no machining required.

  • Antilock Brakes, Traction Control, Vacuum Hubs, and Electronic Stability Control systems are retained.

  • Cast from high-strength ductile iron and beefed up with extra material and ribbing.

  • Powdercoated orange for long-lasting corrosion resistance.

  • Does not fit “Super 60” 10-lug axles (F450 & F550).

  • Cast-in steering arm is tapered from the top and bottom so the OEM steering linkage may be re-installed.

  • Dealer inquiries welcome.

  • Knuckles for off road use only.

  • There is no warranty on this product.


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