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Rancho 7.8" Travel Shock

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Rancho has taken their famous 9000 series shock and made it even better. The XL series retains the 9 position selector to allow you to tailor the ride quality to your vehicle but now has a larger 2.750" body to run cooler and a massive 18mm shaft and a new cool liquid metallic paint for stand out looks.

Dial your ride with Rancho RS9000XL™! RS9000XL™ shocks give you total control over the ride quality of your rig. With a simple fingertip adjustment, tailor the ride of your vehicle for comfort on the road, and ultimate control in the most demanding off-road conditions. 9 adjustable settings - from OE (soft) to Maximum Control (firm).

Rancho RS999118
Collapsed: 14.360"
Expanded: 22.190"
Travel: 7.830"

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