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Jeep TJ / YJ Stock Pitman Arm

Part Number Name   Price Quantity
52038337 Stock Jeep TJ/YJ $47.99 Qty
WFO 1100-TT-BU Chevy Tie-rod Taper, Bottom Up $67.99 Qty
WFO 1100-TT-TD Chevy Tie-rod Taper, Top Down $67.99 Qty
WFO 1100-DT-BU Chevy Dbl,pivot taper, Bottom Up $67.99 Qty
WFO 1100-DT-TD Chevy Dbl,pivot taper, Top Down $67.99 Qty
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Fits:  Jeep Wrangler (TJ) (1997-2006) with Power Steering; LHD.

We sell this pitman arm as a stock replacement or, we can taper it to several different configurations to fit your application.

Has 1.5" of drop.


WARNING: This pitman arm is offered in many configurations. Be sure to order the correct form!


Drag Link and Tie Rod Kit

Drag Link and Tie Rod Kit

Price: $519.95
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