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Essential Parts for a 14 Bolt Swap

Part Number Name   Price Quantity
WFO 14B-Swap-KIT 9" U-bolts $195.00 Qty
WFO 14B-Swap-KIT-12 12" U-bolts $195.00 Qty
WFO 14B-Swap
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These are the core parts needed to swap a 14 Bolt into your Rig!  You can choose the kit with 9" or 12" long u-bolts depending on what type of set up you are running.  

The 9" long u-bolts are for vehicles running a leaf spring pack up to 2.25" thick. The 12" long ubolts are for vehicles running lift blocks and/or a thicker leaf spring pack totaling 2.25"- 6" thick.     

Our Ubolts, hardware and leaf spring plates are zinc plated to help fight off corrosion.  

Kit Contains:

  • Pair of Leaf Spring perches
  • Set of 4 Ubolts, 5/8" x 3.5" wide, High nuts and washers, zinc plated 
  • Pair of 3/8" thick Leaf Spring Plates, zinc plated
  • Pair of Weld on lower shock mounts
  • Grade 8, 1/2" bolts, washers and nylocks to mount shocks


63" leaf spring hanger Kit

63" leaf spring hanger Kit

Price: $224.95
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