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Drag Link / Tie Rod End Kit

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WFO DT-NT -  High Steer Separate Tierod/Draglink End Kit, w/Weld In Bungs & Tierod/Draglink Ends,

This kit works great with WFO double high-steer arms, or cross-over steering with your draglink above the springs and a new HD tie-rod in the standard knuckle location.  To save you some cost on shipping, this kit has NO PITMAN ARM & NO TUBING! 

All ends in this kit are MADE IN THE USA by MOOG and WFO.

Includes: ES2027L, ES2026R, ES2010R, ES2010L, and 2xWFO 1876-LR (1" ID tube inserts) 


WARNING: Welding and Tubing (DOM) required!
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