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Dana 60/70 to Toyota Forged Drive Line Flange, 29 spline

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If you are installing a Dana 60 or Dana 70 in your Toyota based rock crawler or daily driver, this yoke for you.  This 29 spline forged flange yoke is triple drilled and will accept most late 80's or early 90's Toyota, NON CV, bolt patterns.

The yoke kit includes:

  • Forged Flange Yoke with 3 bolt patterns, 29 spline (see below)
  • 1, New Pinion Seal
  • 1, New Pinion Nut and Washer
  • 4, New Metric Drive Line Bolts, Nuts and Washers 

Bolt Hole Patterns are:  

60 x 60mm, 10mm hole
•    84-95 u-joint
•    FJ80 & LX450 front
•    79-83 u-joint (these were 8mm, your driveline will need to be drilled to 10mm)

56 x 64mm, 10mm hole
•    FJ/HJ/BJ Landcruisers
•    79-83 pickups had 8mm holes, your driveline will need to be drilled to 10mm

66 x 66mm, 11mm hole
•    86-87 Turbo
•    88 & up V6
•    FJ60

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