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Dana 30 Front Xtreme Aluminum Diff Cover

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Our Dana 30 front differential covers are cast from 356 Aircraft quality Aluminum to save weight and increase cooling. These are not just for show! They are ready to smash some rocks! They are a full 1" thick on the lower half of the cover. This allows the stainless steel allen bolts that are supplied to be completely countersunk in the cover to protect them from rock damage! The covers also come with a magnetic drain plug, and a small fill level plug. Remember, you never want to fill above the fill level plug! To top it off, we even supply a tube of black RTV silicone.

If you have a high pinion model 30 front axle such as a Jeep YJ or XJ, you will use the upper fill lever plug.  If you  have a low pinion dana 30 front axle, such as a Jeep CJ, TJ, or WJ, you will use the lower fill level plug. 




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