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Chevy 14 Bolt Truss with Pinion Guard

Part Number Name   Price Quantity
WFO RT-GM14PG Truss w/ Pinion Guard $279.99 Qty
WFO RT-GM14PG-1 Truss w/ Pinion Guard & Upper Link Mount For 3/4" or 7/8" Heim Joint w/ 5/8" Bolt $349.99 Qty
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WFO Concepts' Chevy 14 bolt full floater truss with pinion guard.  This truss is a perfect start to your rear link setup.  It will also fit on most leaf spring rear axles. 

The truss is built from 1/4" thick steel, and comes welded together, as you see in the picture.  The curved pinion guard is made out of 3/8" thick steel.  It also comes with longer pinion support bolts, and the necessary hardware to bolt the pinion support to the truss. 

We currently offer one "bat wing" upper link mount design for your application.  Or, you can purchase the individual upper mounts so you can set the spread where you want.  See the related items below for suggested Link mounts. 

Option 1.)  1 3/4" wide with 5/8" bolt holes




WARNING: In order to assure a tight and low fit, you will need to grind a few casting ribs off the top of your existing 14 bolt housing. This truss will NOT fit 91 and newer late model fully ribbed 14 bolt housings.


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