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1/2 Ton 1500, Chevy Shackle Flip, 2001-10

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WFO SF-C0110-KIT-5-B 5" SHACKLES $399.99 Qty
WFO SF-C0110-KIT-6-B 6" SHACKLES $399.99 Qty
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This is a rear shackle flip for a 2001-2010 Chevy 1/2 ton 1500.  You can choose for the kit to have 5" or 6" long shackles.  


Kit includes: 

  • (2) shackle hangers.  Both are identical (Bare Steel)
  • (10) 7/16" grade 8 bolts, washers and Nylocks to attach the hanger to the frame of the truck  
  • (4) 1/2" grade 8 bolts, washers and nylocks to attach the shackle hanger in the proper location to the bottom of the hanger bracket.  
  • (2) sets of 3/8" shackles of your choice,
  • (4) bushings and two inner sleeves,
  • (4) 9/16" x 5" Grade 8 shackle bolts, washers and nylocks (not pictured)  


WARNING: This shackle flip kit will change the pinion angle. You may need to shim your rear leaf springs in order to achieve proper driveline geometry.


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Leaf Spring Axle Relocation Plates

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