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Dana 60

If you feel like a 44 isn’t going to cut it for you, your next option is the Dana 60! The Dana 60 is considered a true “1 ton” front end. We can also build you a Dana 60 front axle to whatever spec you desire. Once again, there is the option of standard rotation or reverse rotation. The lug pattern can also be 5, 6, 8, or metric 8. Another option for the 60, is whether you want kingpin or balljoint knuckles.

Another very common rear axle, especially in Jeep applications, is the Dana 60. These axles have been around even longer than the 14 bolt. However, the 60 rear is much more versatile. It can be built to fit just about any application imaginable. It is not uncommon to see them under anything from a 46 Willy’s to a 67 Chevelle. They are easy to shorten and can be built to fit any lug pattern with any brake configuration.