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D44 Knuckle Machining

Send your D44 knuckle in for us to machine.  We will get it back to you ASAP (usually ready to ship back within 2 business days)!

We would be lying if we told everybody they had to buy a new D44 knuckle for their cross-over or high-steer setups!  The fact is, if you have a factory D44 flat-top knuckle that is in good shape, there is no need to buy a new one.  If you send your used flat-top knuckle to us, we will machine it and send it back within two business days.  First, we use a custom built fixture and a vertical mill to fly cut the top surface of your knuckle.  Second, we drill and tap the knuckle to a mirror image of the factory drivers side specs, using the same fixture and a digital readout.  Last, we will press your customer supplied ball joints in for free, or we can sell you Moog ball joints and press them in for free as well.  We charge $85 for machining the knuckle, if you purchase any of our steering parts at the same time, we will reduce the machining price to $65.  

Simply put your contact information in with your knuckle and ship it to us in a post office flat rate box, or send it UPS to:

WFO Concepts
10076 Streeter Rd. #7
Auburn, Ca. 95602

When we receive your knuckle, we will contact you to let you know we received it.  At that time, we will go over any additional parts you would like to order then we will get your credit card information so we can process your order.  

NOTE:  Knuckles we can machine are: 71-76 Chevy Dana 44, 71-76 Jeep Wagoneer Dana 44, 75-79 3/4 ton Ford Dana 44, 93 and older Dodge 44 front knuckles.  Call with any other questions on different knuckles.  530-268-9494

Warning:  Machining a knuckle is not as easy as most people think.  We do not suggest trying this yourself.  We do not just drill and tap them by hand!  Not only is it important to drill the hole perfectly square, but it is extremely important to mill the top perfectly flat.  The "as-cast" flat top of the knuckle does not create the proper friction for a safe and tight fit.  If you know a local machine shop, be sure that they have machined a knuckle before.  It really takes a lot of time to build the proper fixture to hold the knuckle properly.  Not to mention, the dimensions are not easy to copy or find.