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Dana 44, 30, 300, Toyota Flange, Dual Pattern, 26 Spline

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B-3051A.  Toyota Flange, Dual Pattern, 26 Spline. 

This yoke is starting to become a really popular option for not only Toyota owners, but also Jeep and buggy owners.  Of course, if you are putting Dana 44 axles in your mid 80's Toyota, this flange will allow you to use your factory Toyota driveline.  This flange has the common Toyota driveline patterns, but the spline count and seal size to fit standard Dana 44 and Dana 30 axles.  Not to mention, it will also fit 26 spline transfer cases, such as the Jeep Dana 20 and Dana 300.  When this yoke is used, in conjunction with the correct "long ear" Toyota driveline components, it will allow you to achieve angles close to 40 degrees without any bind.  Not to mention, some people will argue that the Toyota u-joints are also stronger than Spicer 1310 u-joints. 

The two patterns measure 2.36"x2.36" (square) and 2.2"x2.52" (rectangle). OD is 4.375" and Pilot is Female, 1.810"

WARNING: This Flange will NOT fit stock Toyota axles or transfer cases! NOTE: May need to be drilled to fit Toyota CV driveline pattern.


Long Slip Kit, Trail Gear, Toyota

Long Slip Kit, Trail Gear, Toyota

TG 100130-1-KIT
Price: $334.95
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