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69-72 Chevy Shackle Flip Kit

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Rear Shackle Flip Kit, 69-72 Chevy 1/2 ton truck.  (should fit 3/4 ton as well, but have never tried)  with the 5" shackles, this kit should produce around 5.5" of lift.  With the 6" shackles, it should produce around 6" of lift.  Simply grind your rivets out and bolt the new hangers on.  Kit includes both shackle hangers with bushings and sleeves, as well as new shackles for both sides.  You will need to re-use your original shackle and spring bolts.  Call for any other information, this is a new part.

WARNING: By installing this shackle flip kit, your pinion angle will drastically turn up towards the transfer case. If you do not go with a CV rear driveline, you may need to shim your pinion back down.
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